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3 Additional Features You May Have to Consider Before Investing in a Fridge

Now that you know what style of Frigidaire you want, you may want to consider other factors before investing in one. Read on to know more.


Once you have determined the style of fridge you want, you need to consider its size on the basis of its interior capacity. Firstly, consider the size of your family. If you live alone, the single door fridge is ideal for you. If your family has more than 6 members, then you may need a bigger sized fridge. Here is a table that specifies the capacity of the fridge you would need on the basis of your family size.

Family size Capacity
1 50 to 100
2 100 to 200
3 200 to 290
4 290 to 320
5 320 to 350
6 350 to 400
7 400 to 450
8 450 to 500
9 500 to 550
10 550 to 600

Then you need to consider space. When you replace an old fridge, you may tend to buy a fridge for fitting in the same slot. If you have a tiny slot marked for your fridge, then keep in mind that there will be no space for keeping a side by side fridge as these fridges are wider and the doors open on both the sides. Consider with care about how much space you would really need. If you eat out routinely or order food from outside, you may not need a huge fridge. If you tend to buy fruits and veggies in bulk, then you may need more storage. If you tend to store a lot of bottles in the fridge, then you may need a fridge with bigger door pockets. So, plan out your requirements well before determining what fridge size you need.


The price of the fridge is one of the most important features when buying one. It will be determined by the number of features equipped in your fridge of your choice. Fridges like direct cool single door fridge may not cost you as much as a frost free double door fridge would. A side by side or French door fridge would be the costliest choice. Hence you need to consider your budget before you buy a fridge for your home.

Star Rating and Energy Consumption

When it comes to star rating, always go for the one with higher EER or Energy Efficient Rating to determine the efficiency of ratings to let it go easy on your energy bills.

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