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5 Things you need to consider before adding an ADU to your property

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are being given huge attention once again – after decades of abandonment. Homeowners now appear to be more open to the idea of adding one to their property. So, this article explores some of the things that you, as a homeowner, need to factor in as you attempt to uplift your property with the addition of an ADU in San Jose.


As with every other jurisdiction, there are specific standards guiding the construction of ADUs in San Jose. These regulations and standards are in place to ensure that your property is fitting to accommodate an ADU. Additionally, there is an aspect that is intended to inform about the features of the ADU you’re proposing. For one, you need to conform with the specifications for floor area, maximum height, utility easements, and other parameters set by the regulatory agency. You should have no issues obtaining a permit to raise your ADU once you’ve fulfilled all regulatory measures.


Well, the space that will accommodate your proposed ADU may be available, but there’s more to it. You do not want to end up building an apartment with everywhere cramped up. You will need to set aside the space for parking, walkway, and maybe some relaxation area. To this end, you will have to work closely with the company that will be overseeing the construction to ensure all these are well spelt out.


Privacy is another factor that must be carefully considered. This may be in line with the purpose for which you are adding the unit. For instance, it’s not the same level of bond you have with an aged parent you will extend to a stranger who you rented out your ADU. As such, you will have to bring this into the design concepts. You may decide to have a partitioning feature added in the space between the main building and the ADU.

Site condition

The condition of the site must be thoroughly assessed to see how sustainable it is to support the structure of the ADU. This is very quintessential as the structure of the soil might have been adversely affected due to years of misuse. The topography of the chosen area is another factor to ponder in this regard. You can leverage the professional services of a company that specializes in building houses to get this covered. A construction company like Acton ADU takes homeowners through the entire journey – right from the site inspection stage down to completion.

Fire regulations

You should leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all that pertains to safety is adequately taken care of. Therefore, it is important that you do your due diligence to ensure that the necessary features are integrated where necessary. It is against this backdrop you should get to see to it that regulations guiding the prevention or curtailment of fire outbreaks are followed in the construction of your ADU.

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