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Advantages of Using Engineered Stone in Your Kitchen

There is no question that the kitchen is the most essential room in your house. It should also be the room you are most proud of. if you beginning to design a kitchen or are going to make some changes to an old one. Your three most important considerations will be appliances, cabinetry, and countertops. All three should be compatible in look and effect. Of the three, the one that will usually get noticed the most is the work surfaces. Engineered stone surfaces are becoming very popular these days because they have several advantages over other options. Here are a few.

Effect: Because engineered stone is designed and created in a factory, it is possible to create many patterns for modern kitchen designs. Often the patterns emulate known types of rock, and other times they are designs based on rock features. Beyond that, because the patterns are created, they can be reproduced over and over. This flexibility makes it possible to create a product that better suits modern kitchen designs. It takes away any limitations to project size. Wherever you put the material, it will match the rest.

Availability: One of the limitations of other products, natural stone in particular, is that there is a limited supply. Also, the supply might be subject to variations. This factor is not a problem with small jobs that are done all at once. But if you have some damage or want to add on to a project, with natural stone, you might not be able to match things up as well as you hoped. This will not be a problem with an engineered product, though. Suppose you decide later to add the same material in another room. You will be able to order the identical stone.

Durability: Natural stones, like granite and quartz, are known to be incredibly strong. So, one might think that they would be the most durable surface for a counter. But natural stone is created through geologic processes and is subject to inconsistencies. Micro cracks can exist and might only show up later after some impact or other stresses. Engineered stone is incredibly durable because it is not prone to inconsistencies. It is designed to be difficult to chip, scratch, or break.

Price: Engineered stone is usually less expensive than natural stone, depending on the qualities of the stone being compared, but you should be able to save at least 30%, and probably more on a similar pattern profile.

Engineered stone makes sense on many levels. The fact that it is manufactured makes it so much more dependable and less complicated to match kitchen plans. It should be the first consideration for any kitchen.

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