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Electric in-floor heat systems are all the fad these days. More and more people seem to opt for it. When it comes to choosing for it, you might worry whether it is safe or not. It is entirely alright to be aware of any potential risks before taking this massive step of installation. The sound of cables, electricity, and pipes running warm water might not exactly paint a picture of safety in your head. It may even push you to imagine the worst. No worries, we are here to put you at ease. Read on to know how safe this type of heating system is.

Yes, they are indeed very safe.

It is very natural to worry about something like this. Your and your loved one’s safety is of utmost importance. Keeping that in mind, the radiant heating systems come with various safety features which will address all the potential risks of an electric shock or floor being set on fire to ease.

Will you get electric shocks?

It is an impossibility that you would get an electric shock from the floor heater. The cables used in the heating system all undergo a rigorous R&D process before they are declared safe. When you get your heating system installed by a professional, the chances of any possible risks go down even further. Ensure you get the heater from the manufacturer who tests every heater at 5000 volts before they ship it. Each wire should be surrounded by a sheath that directs any current leakage away from the floor. This eliminates the possibility of an electric shock even in case of leakage. Ensure that the heating cables are all cULus approved.

What is the highest temperature?

No in-floor heating system can reach incredibly high temperatures due to the setting system it comes with. In many cases, the limit is set at 40 degrees Celcius or even less, which is only slightly higher than your body temperature. Hence, there is no risk of the heating cables catching fire.

What are the chances of a circuit breaking?

You might find yourself worrying about the PVC out jack being compromised. This can increase the risk of an electric shock or a short circuit. Keeping this in mind, the heating system comes with an inbuilt ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This circuit breaker will automatically cut off the power if a breach has been detected.

Are in-floor heating systems safe for those with allergies?

If you or someone in your house suffers from allergies, then the floored heating system is the best option. As the heat is generated from underneath the ground and no air is circulated, it brings down the chances of dust particles traveling around the house. The system enhances the comfort level and ensures better air quality as compared to other heating options. In this heating system, the bodies in the room are warmed and not the air. Which means there is fresh air while you are still warm.

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