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Flush Electrical Boxes for a Visually-Appealing Finish

If you are planning the construction of a commercial property, the electrics are obviously important and if you want a flush electrical box, there are suppliers in NZ who have all the solutions. There’s nothing that can match a flush plaster finish, rather than having a bulky electrical box on the wall and with online solutions, you can order at your convenience.

Available in multiple sizes

A flush electrical box comes in 3 sizes; 13, 26 and 39 pin units. If you are looking for an electrical switchboard in NZ, there is an established local supplier who has all the solutions. You can actually download the complete specs in PDF format from the supplier’s website, which is ideal.

Pre-primed door

The door to the electrical box comes pre-primed, allowing you to paint it with your chosen colour without having to mess around. The box itself is made from 1.2mm steel, with a powder-coated finish, which is rust-proof.

The power of flush

In order to retain the look, a building should have flush electrical boxes, which blend perfectly with the décor, bringing you an uncluttered look. Take a look at the product brochures for all the important specs and when ready, you can place an order online.

Board features

All boards come with the following: 

  • Pole filler strips
  • Snap bushings
  • Circuit indication stickers
  • Surface fit door kit

The product comes with everything you need for a clean installation, which is one less thing to worry about.

Electrical sub boards

Other products include electrical sub boards, all made to high NZ standards, giving you the best value for money. IP 66 enclosures are very popular, powder-coated and made to IP 66 standards, giving 100% protection from dust, water and foreign objects. Wall mountings are provided, of course and with an injected-foal door seal, the unit is fully protected.

Online solutions

Wherever you happen to be, whether NZ or Australia, you can buy flush electrical boxes from the online supplier; browse their website for a full range of commercial and domestic electrical components.

The importance of safety

Working with electrics demands a high level of knowledge and experience; if you are planning a building project, commercial or residential, contact an approved electrician for all your power needs. Components should all be made to NZ standards and sold by established suppliers to the construction trade. An experienced commercial electrician would be familiar with the best brands and components, so he could point you in the right direction when looking to buy flush boxes.

The best prices

We all know how expensive things can be in NZ, yet there are online suppliers who keep their markup at a fair level, offering top products at very competitive prices. Use Google to help you find the best and cheapest prices for electrical components and you can save significantly. Online suppliers are able to undercut traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, mainly because they have a warehouse rather than a retail outlet, which drastically reduces their costs.

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