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How to Cleanse A New Home

There are several things you can do to clean a home after moving in: Wiping down the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, dusting window sills and organizing. (A task we know a little bit about).

A truly clean home is more than just the surface. You can relax, feel more positive, and feel more at home in your home if you make sure your energy is clean.

Amy Mistal, owner and operator of Soul Ease Organization says that we all have our own energy signatures. Positive energy signatures are created when you are in a positive mood. Negative energy signatures will be left behind if someone is in a bad mood, yelling or arguing. It’s important that you take the time to get rid of these things at home.

You might be curious as to what it means to cleanse your home energetically. Here are our tips and tricks to help you get started.

Why should you clean your home?

According to Deniz Kilic, a Florida-based Deniz Kilic, you want to purify your home from any negative energy. He also runs Moonlight Astrology as well as Real Estate Services.

“Our homes can be filled with negative energy, which is often caused by thoughts and words (often called thought forms). Anger, fear, depression, and other emotions can get stuck in the same room as they were expressed. You can feel the tension in a room after an argument has ended.

Anita Rosenberg, who is a spiritual adviser based in Hollywood, says that energizingly cleansing your home can bring you greater benefits.

She said that if you feel stuck in your relationship, career or life, it could be because your physical house is holding you back. It can be a source of energy that causes things to get stuck.

What is the best time to clean your home?

One of the most common reasons to cleanse your home is when you move. It can also be beneficial for the house you are moving into.

It is a great idea to start with a blank slate to make sure your new beginning is exactly what you want.

It’s a great time to cleanse your energy in times of change or upheaval, regardless if it’s following a loss or illness, or just because you feel stagnant.

Rosenberg recommends that you do an energy cleansing in the home before each season begins.

Set intentions for the next few weeks to help you cleanse and increase your motivation.

Is Sage necessary to clean a home?

Sage is one of most common ways to cleanse a house energetically. To learn more, visit our blog.

Sage is sometimes called smudging and was used in many rituals. Its origins are in Native Americans who used dried white soap in their ceremonies.

It has historical roots and potential bacteria-busting properties. So, it’s a great option to burn sage in your house. It is not the only thing that does the job. Palo Santo incense and sandalwood incense can also be great options.

White sage, or any other herb or plant, should only be used if it has been sustainably harvested.

How can you clean a home?

Start the cleansing process by opening your windows to let the negative energy out.

Kilic says, “Once your smoke stick has smoldered, direct the smoke waves around you body, starting with your head and moving down to your feet.” While doing this, take a deep breath and focus on removing negative energy from your body. To hold the substance you are lighting, use a heat-proof surface such as an Abalone shell.

Mistal says to pay attention to corners because energy can get stuck in these areas.

Mistal suggests sound as a way to clean your home, and it’s a cost-effective alternative to smoking.

“I will clap in certain corners, to help circulate energy. She said that you can also use a singing box or a bell to help break down any energy that has gotten stuck.

You can also add crystals to your decor for cleansing and aesthetic benefits. Rosenberg suggests Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline as excellent options.

You can also read our blog for more tips to give your space an updated feel.

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