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Kitchen Essentials: 7 Things Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Running A Commercial Kitchen Is Exciting, Albeit Intense, Work. A Commercial Kitchen Can Take Hundreds Of Covers In One Session, With Each And Every Plate Needing To Be As Delicious As The One That Came Before It.

Naturally, A Commercial Kitchen Needs High Quality Equipment To Support The Hard Work Put In By The Cooking Team. Commercial Equipment Finance In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Or Beyond Can Help You Finance The Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment In The Industry, But What Are Some Of These Essential Pieces Of Equipment That Your New Kitchen Cannot Go Without?

Let’s Find Out Below…

  • Ovens

You Will Never See A Commercial Kitchen Without At Least One Oven Taking On A Heavy Amount Of The Cooking Needed To Get Things Done In Large Portions. Why? Because Ovens Can Handle So Much More Of The Cooking Process Than Stovetops And Can Cook Greater Quantities At The One Time.

Ovens Are Also Incredibly Versatile, With The Ability To Roast, Bake, Broil And Dry All Kinds Of Food, Whether It’s Fresh Vegetables, Meat Or Even Eggs. Ovens Come In A Range Of Variations, Including Part Of Standalone Units Or Benchtop Styles.

  • Burners

Although The Humble Oven Is Probably The Ultimate Workhorse Of The Chef’s Cooking Machinery, The Burner Has Its Own Applications That Make It Just As Applicable, And Vital, To A Commercial Kitchen’s Operations.

Burners, Complete With High Quality Fry Pans, Pots Etc., Can Take On Small, Quick Jobs Like, For Example, Scrambling/Frying Eggs Or Boiling Up Some Pasta (As You’re Always Going To Have To Boil Food In A Commercial Kitchen!).

  • Ranges

Ranges Have Become Very Popular In Commercial Kitchens For Containing Both An Oven And Stove Top In The One Appliance. Ranges Don’t Take Up As Much Space As, Say, Having A Standalone Oven And Burner, And Are Built With Top Quality Design And Manufacture In Mind.

Whilst There May Have Been A Time Where Buying Separate Standalone Burners And Ovens Could Have Produced Higher Quality Equipment, This Isn’t Necessarily The Case Anymore, And You Can Pick Up These Awesome 2-In-1 Variations For Cost-Efficient Prices.

  • Grill Plates

Grills Are A Vital Cooking Component To Diners And Cafes The World Over. Why? Because They Are The Perfect Machinery For Frying Eggs And Bacon, Among Hundreds Of Other Cooking Applications. The Grill Can Also Double As A Burner, Allowing Chefs To Pop Their Fry Pans Onto The Grill Plate When The Burners Are Already In Use.

  • Utensils

Well, This Is Pretty Obvious, Of Course, But A Kitchen Cannot Operate Without A Full Range Of High Quality Utensils! The Most Common Commercial Kitchen Utensils Typically Include The Following:

  • Knives (Chef’s Knife, Paring Knife, Bread Knife Etc.)
  • Spatulas
  • Tongs
  • Graters
  • Chopping Boards
  • Peelers
  • Mandolins
  • Colanders
  • Rolling Pins

The List Goes On. You Will Never Know When You Want To Create A Dish That Requires The Right Utensils To Get It Done, So It’s Always Good To Be Prepared With A Full Repertoire Of Utensils.

  • Hygienic Food Storage

Whether It’s A Cool Room, Freezer Or Dry Goods Room, Every Culinary Enterprise Needs A High Quality Storage System. Not Only Does This Ensure Your Products Are Kept Well, But It Also Makes It Easy To Organise Your Goods And Grab Them When You Need Them!

  • Dishwashers

Because No Professional Dish Washer In Any Kitchen Really Wants To Do It All By Hand! Industrial Dishwashers Are The Best, Most Efficient Way To Clean All Dirty Plates, Utensils And More, Allowing Your Staff To Quickly Get Them Washed, Dried And Ready For Next Service.

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