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Ladder Assist 101: What You Need to Know

Ladder Assistance is a procedure roof inspector conducts an object inspection for an insurance company on steep roofs or roofs that are a two-story system. The Ladder Assistant will make comprehensive damage inferences and provide evidence to insurance professionals so they can provide a quote on the repairs that would be required. The ladder assist technician role does not depend on policyholder coverage.

You may still be wondering whether or not you would require the services of ladder assist companies. The truth is that roofing systems are more complex than ever, and small single-level homes have gone the way of the dinosaur. Most of these homes are two-story, so their roofing systems are large and complex. Complex roofs can be steep, have multiple levels or layers, or be slanted, and as a result, require special equipment to work. Suppose you don’t have the physical or psychological ability to go up onto a roof. In that case, it will be difficult to evaluate the property damage claim for your client properly.

The Ladder Assist Procedures

During ladder assistance, your technician will climb to your roof and perform a series of checks like:

  • Leak inspection
  • Checking for deterioration
  • Calculating the age of a roof
  • Conducting a hail test
  • Inspect for any previous repairs
  • Signs of damage must be immediately noted
  • Photographing the roof condition and any damages

The results of ladder assist inspections can be quite amazing. With a team of professionals, fully trained specialists arrive equipped with all the necessary tools to inspect any kind of surface. They will usually walk unassisted on your roof at almost any slope. Your inspector will spend time on your roof, taking photos and marking the roof as he goes.

Their job is to inform your adjuster or engineer about any problems or damages they discover. The ladder assistant technician will provide their professional opinion to adjusters or engineers about whether or not the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

While you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect from the process, it might take a few days for your roof to be fully assessed. This is not an attack on you; the insurance company is only looking out for its interests and trying to ensure there are no frauds, just to ensure transparency in the whole of the process.

Do You Need Ladder Assist?

If your roof has been damaged, and you want insurance to pay for the repairs or replacement, you may need ladder assistance.

You don’t have to decide if ladder assist is an option, especially if you’re looking to get some form of insurance or the other for your roof. Insurance companies may need to provide ladder assistance to assess the roof situation. If you have a two-story house or a steep roof, adjusters aren’t allowed to climb there.

You will require ladder assistance if you want insurance backing. The decision as to where your ladder assist service is received remains up to you.

Whom Do I Contact for Ladder Assist Inspection?

To get ladder inspection services, there are many companies and agencies that you can look into. You can verify that they have certain certifications, such as the NEI Certification. Although these certifications don’t have to be obtained, they are recommended. There may be several companies in every city or state that are experts in ladder assist. But you won’t find any national association for ladder assists.

How Much Does Ladder Assist Cost?

The current market price ranges from $100 to $1000 if you want to get the services of ladder assistants. Most ladder inspections or assistance require more expertise, more people, and more reports and checks than you might need. You should ensure that you are only receiving the services you need so you won’t spend over your budget.

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