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Preparing for Bed Bug Treatment? Here Are Few Tips for You!

Bed bugs are one of the most dreadful problems in this urban lifestyle and tough to get rid of. If you are planning to get professional treatment for bed bugs at your residence, shop, commercial property or office, get these things done before the procedure starts.

However, you will always get a to-do list from the agency or the company. If you haven’t got any, ask them to provide you with one while following these steps.

  • Make arrangements to be out of the house during the process, at least 4 hours or as asked by the professional.
  • Move your pets out during the treatment and wrap the aquarium or fish tanks with plastic and turn off the purifier and other pumps during the process.
  • Remove all the sheets, covers, linens, screen from all the rooms (whether infested or not) and sanitize them properly (wash them in the hottest water possible). Moreover, do not replace the same up to 4 hours after treatment.
  • If any of your furniture is in ill condition and infested then discard it with proper sealing. It will be treated later by PCOs.
  • Remove all your belongings from the house (from your clothes, books, toys, shoes to other necessary materials)
  • If you are living in or near Montreal, Granby, or Sherbrooke, and worried about bed bug infestation at your property. Just contact Solutioncimex for bed bugs treatment. They are famous for their reliability and effective treatment using eco- friendly methods.
  • Transfer all the stored material to a safer place.
  • Keep your clothes in sealed bags up to 2 weeks after treatment and sterilize the fabric-based stuffed toys.
  • Vacuum all the possible areas of the house (carpets, bedding, bed frames, back of pictures and all other areas you can think of) and immediately dump the vacuum cleaner bag out in the dustbin or dumpster.

  • Allow the procedure to work, do not wash the floors up to 3 weeks after treatment.
  • Move all the furniture away from the wall so that the baseboards can be cleaned.
  • You can transfer the items to the bathtub, kitchen counters, dining room tables, and coffee tables during the treatment.
  • Throw away all the unnecessary items. A cluttered place might hide the bugs from your sight.

If you are not able to see any effect after two weeks of the treatment, just contact the company again.

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