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Reasons to Get the Moonflower Plant

The moonflower plant is a popular one for people who have home gardens. They are also known as ‘moon vines .’ They have various characteristics that make them famous. People with gardens are always looking for the ideal plant. Newbies to the culture may not know where to start, and the moonflower plant could be a great start. Anyone looking for a reason to get a moonflower plant, or isn’t sure what plants they should get for a start, here are some of the reasons to get the moon vines.

Good Aroma

The moon vines usually have flowers with them. These flowers serve their purpose and give the plant one of its main characteristics, a pleasing aroma. They are very aromatic and produce a sweet-scented bloom. On overcast and cool days, the bloom usually extends for more extended periods, and the aroma that it gives the garden is one that anyone will be happy to have.


Another characteristic of the moon vines is their beauty to their surroundings. It can be used in many spaces such as mailboxes, fences, trellis, or garden walls. The plant has white flowers that usually bloom during the sunset. They are sometimes planted with the white or purple datura, which complements their looks.


When buying a plant, the cost matters. The cost of a plant isn’t looked at in terms of the purchase price alone but also the cost of maintenance. People looking for plants that will intertwine with the structures of their home will enjoy this plant due to the fast growth. One doesn’t have to buy many sets of this plant to achieve the effect, thus saving on costs.

Quick Eager Growers

Gardens that have plant vines twining all over usually look magnificent. It is an effect many try to achieve, and with a moon flower plant, this is easily achieved. They are quick growers, and the vines will twine on nearby structures. They will then stretch a long-distance giving the specific structures they touch a lovely look. Moonflower plants make a great natural screen for unsightly utility boxes and outlets. They are native to tropical areas, and they will do better in areas with a good amount of sun.

Ideal for the Night Garden

People find it discouraging with some plants that they lose their glow at night. That is not the case with the moonflower plant. It gets its name because the white flowers seem to glow in the dark, giving an impression of many moons in the garden. Anyone looking for a conspicuous garden at night should get this specific plant. A combination of the lovely look and the scent it brings is outstanding.

Anyone who goes ahead and buys this plant should note that the seeds are highly toxic and should not be ingested. They should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

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