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Remodel Your Bathroom Favorable for Adults and Improve Their Quality of Life

As we grow old, our home loses a bit of its functionality. Safety is a huge cause of concern in all rooms but when it comes to bathrooms extra care should be taken. If you are remodeling your bathroom to accommodate your aging parent or to accommodate your aging needs, aesthetics gets tossed away to the backseat.

Elders find it increasingly difficult to safely use toilets and faucets. Their mobility issues add up to their frustration. If you are living in a two-storey building ensure there is a bathroom in the first floor. But the problem is people may not have enough space to add a bathroom or increase the size of the bathroom/faucet.

If you have ample space, you can consider remodeling bathroom showers. If you feel comfortable using step-in showers, make sure it is large enough with a space to be seated. Another convenient option is walk-in shower. The walk-in showers available in Bath Crest Home Solutions are perfect for those who prefer a spacious and safe shower. They are easy to maintain and more safety features can be added.

Common bathroom accessories that is handy for elders:

  • Lever faucets: Faucets are easy to handle as there is no twisting and turning involved. There are various options to choose from.
  • Attaching a sprayer to shower head: A shower-head that can be detached and held in hand is convenient when showering. Elders don’t have to stand and shower which is an added bonus for those who find it difficult to stand for a long time.
  • Grab bars and rails: Installing these accessories is the most cost-effective and easiest way to make a bathroom elderly-friendly. These can be installed near the shower, toilet and bathtub so that elders can hold on to it instead of depending on someone else for support.
  • Raised toilet seats: Raising the toilet seat up by few inches puts less stress on the joints and benefits those with mobility issues. There is only less stretching and bending required.

  • Non-slip rugs and bath mats: Falls are the leading cause of medical emergencies for elders. A non-slip bath mat prevents elders from falling in slippery surfaces and a rug outside the showers prevents elders from slipping when they are out of the shower.

Remodeling a bathroom makes them less dependent on others and helps them age in a dignified way. Keep their home safe and comfortable for them.

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