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Right Tips to Help in Maintaining the Lifespan of Your Serving Board

Serving board plays a great part in every home. Only a chef and homemakers know serving board importance as without it the comfort in serving food and drinks is lost. Many people prefer to use boards to serve, chop vegetables and even as a kitchen counter for varied reasons. They need their boards to look authentic and easy to use. However, to make it look like new serving board, you need to follow certain procedures and consider certain facts to improve its durability.

Here are the easy tips you will love to act upon:

  • Buy serving board oil and apply it regularly. This oil helps in preventing scratches and wearing out of the polish of the board. Always try to buy oil composed of natural herbal ingredients, as it is safe and works well. New board needs to be soaked in the oil for few days before usage and after that spray the oil on board once in a month.
  • Always wash the board with hands, don’t scrub it by using rough scrubber. It will only scratch the surface and later on dirt will accumulate on the scratched space, looking really bad.

  • Don’t use concentrated detergent to wash the board. Not even baking soda should be used to clean the stains. In the market, you can search for good liquid cleaners available made of organic cleaning agents at reasonable price. However, after use if you clean the board with running water just running your palm over it will, surely be helpful to keep it clean.
  • You can use warm water once in a while to clean and make it hygienic to use. However, don’t use over heated water as often done to clean crockery.
  • Never keep the boards near open space getting blessed by direct sunlight or near your stove. It is because the board material won’t be able to tolerate the extreme temperature may crack or bend spoiling the utility of the board.
  • Don’t place any hot utensils or crockery directly after removing from stove. It may spoil the texture of the serving board even if it is a wooden one.

You need to buy good quality serving boards even though it may seem costlier as their long durable usage is really worth your every penny spent on it. To buy superior quality kitchen use boards online you can anytime visit You can even get worthy well designed serving board in Denver shops without making any added efforts.

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