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The Benefits of Plank Oak Flooring

Plank oak flooring, in much the same way as other types of wood flooring, has been shown to impact the look and feel of a room positively. However, this type of flooring also comes with several additional benefits that other flooring types do not.

These benefits can help to make your life easier and provide you with more comfort than ever before.

What is Plank Oak Flooring?

Plank oak flooring is exactly what it sounds like: solid wood in the form of planks that have been laid in a single piece. It is different from most other types of hardwood flooring, which usually consist of individual planks, each with two ends and a middle joint.

Plank oak flooring can be sanded down and re-oiled many times without losing any appreciable amount of color or sheen. It makes it a particularly cost-effective option since you do not have to worry about re-sanding and re-oiling every few years.

What are the Benefits of Plank Oak Flooring?

Many benefits come with plank oak flooring, including:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Solid wood floors, which plank oak flooring belongs to, are very aesthetically appealing. This style of flooring tends to give off an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, so the room you choose to install it in will seem more beautiful than ever before.

  1. Increased Resale Value

Solid wood floors also tend to increase the resale value of any home. It is because most potential buyers prefer wood flooring in their homes, and nothing beats solid wood when it comes to providing a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

  1. High Wear Resistance

Plank oak also has one of the highest wear resistance of any hardwood flooring on the market today, so it will remain beautiful for years to come.

  1. Excellent Sound Reduction

One area where solid wood flooring shines is in its ability to reduce sound. When living in an apartment with thin walls, this can be especially important since most other types of hardwood flooring are not particularly good at stopping sound.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Solid wood flooring is also straightforward to maintain. All you have to do is mop it a few times a year, and you can wax it as needed for additional protection.

  1. Resistant to Bacteria

One of the biggest reasons plank oak floorings may be better than other hardwood types is that it is resistant to bacteria. If you are looking to reduce the chance of illness in your home, this may be especially important for you.

  1. Eco-Friendly Flooring

With plank oak flooring, you can rest easy knowing that it is an eco-friendly product since it is made from wood instead of non-renewable resources. It can be essential if you have a strong sense of environmental awareness and want your flooring to reflect it.

Altogether, there are many benefits to installing plank oak flooring in your home or business. This type of flooring will stand the test of time and provide both you and your guests with an inviting atmosphere that is unparalleled by other types of hardwood flooring.

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