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Understanding Guest Friendly Interior Design

There are few social events more satisfying than hosting friends and family within your home. Those spontaneous evenings and long weekends, each full of indulgent meals and fun activities, can bring you closer together and make you appreciate the value of your home’s space.

To design a home that is guest friendly, one that encourages comfort and conversation, is a great goal to have as a homeowner, especially if it is your preferred method of social interaction. And there are a number of dos and don’ts to keep in mind, key interior design choices that can either help your guests to feel right at home or prevent them from taking their coat off.

Drawing from the advice of leading interior design experts, here are the best designs for a guest-friendly home interior.

Where Is The Table?

Whether you are set to gather around a large oak dining table or a teak coffee table, it is this simple piece of furniture that is most conducive to guests’ comfort. As guests gather and seat themselves, tables act as a feature that centralises discussion while also offering practical value, such as a place to lean against or set one’s glass.

Consider The Transition

In retail, there is a widely adopted interior design concept that leads stores to create a decompression zone. This area is situated at the very front of a store’s interior and offers a brief respite to shoppers entering the store, allowing them to orient themselves. This concept should be carried over into your home and the entrance acts as a transition space that allows guests to acclimatise to your home’s environment while removing shoes, coats, and baggage.

Create A Dedicated Space

Your home may not naturally be able to accommodate a dedicate social space, one with arranged seating also removed from the clutter of your personal living area. However, gardens are ideal locations for summer houses and similar outbuildings that allow you to create the perfect hangout space for you and your guests, without needing to compromise your home.

Set The Mood

If you have a creative eye for colours and design, this should be your time to shine. Welcoming others into your home is a perfect opportunity not only to showcase your own aesthetics but also to demonstrate your ability to set the mood for guests. This can be done with considered and soft lighting, cosy colours, and furniture that encourages guests to recline in total comfort.

A Room To Offer

If you are able to offer a guest room, then be sure to make it more than a simple bed. If your guests find themselves without a place to charge their phone, store their clothes, or keep their valuables, then they may begin to feel uncomfortable, having to rearrange plugs, lay their outfits on the floor, and keep their belongings inside their baggage. It may even be worth spending the night in your own guest room, so that you can figure out exactly what works best.

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