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Understanding more about asbestos testing


Asbestos is a harmful substance that was used in building and construction materials in the past centuries. Many buildings that were built before 2000 are likely to contain this substance because, by them, asbestos wasn’t burnt. It is not easy to notice asbestos when it is released in the air because its fibers are microscopic. Every time that you take an asbestos breath, it enters your body and stays there. When you are exposed to the substance for a very long time, it digs deeper and logs itself into your lung tissues and that is where the problem begins. Every time that you breathe, the substance becomes stronger. You may notice that asbestos has invaded your lungs but when you leave it there, the uninvited guest can kill you. There are also many health conditions associated with asbestos and the first common one is cancer.

Why is asbestos in your building?

To understand why asbestos is in your building, you need to first try and learn or understand what asbestos is. Asbestos is simply a silicate mineral that is known to be heat resistant. It is because of its nature that it is being used in floor tiles, ceiling tiles, cement siding, insulation, and other building materials. Some of the uses of asbestos have been burned in many countries but some are still legal.

Asbestos can only be harmful when it is released into the environment or when it breaks from the materials it is used in. As long as the building material is in good shape and state, the asbestos in it is harmless. Things that can make asbestos be released to the environment include demolition, during renovation, and when the building material crumbles because of old age. If asbestos is released into the air, it can become a serious health hazard. When asbestos is breathed in, it gets lodged into your lungs. When you are exposed to asbestos for a very long time, you are likely to suffer from fibrotic lung conditions or diseases. People should note that even the lowest level of asbestos exposure can still cause mesothelioma cancer which is a very dangerous disease.

Asbestos testing accuracy

There are different ways through which you can test for asbestos in your home, at the workplace, and in any old building. The first way is to call experts or an asbestos testing company to do the work for you or consider collecting samples by yourself and sending them to a laboratory for testing. If you are trying out an asbestos air test, there are two ways to accomplish the test. The first way is through Phase contrast microscopy(PCM) and the second way is through transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Both methods are considered reliable but TEM seems to produce accurate than PCM testing. That is why for any asbestos removal project, TEM is always the method that many companies use. TEM is more accurate because of the size of the fibers that is capable of detecting.

Buildings constructed before the 1990s might contain asbestos materials. Asbestos Removal is a specialized process, ensuring these materials are safely removed and disposed of, reducing health risks for building occupants.

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