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Water damage is caused by moisture and water seeping into the house. The damage can give rise to structural issues and even promote the growth of mould. Neither of these is good. Whether you are facing water damage related issues or not, you must carry out waterproofing and take all the other steps necessary to protect your home from it. Direct Waterproofing Company will provide you with various waterproofing solutions that will help to prevent this from happening throughout its life. Waterproofing solutions should always be lifelong. If not, you might find yourself living in the anxieties of the impending doom of it. Following are some of the approaches which can help you to deal with water damage.

Exterior Waterproofing

An exterior waterproofing solution is an expensive solution that requires a lot of work. It should be seen as an investment as it provides your home with lifelong protection. In exterior waterproofing, the leaky basement is dealt with from outside of the home. The foundation of the home is exposed to apply the required waterproofing materials. The exterior waterproofing system works by redirecting and dispersing the water away from the foundation walls.

Interior Waterproofing Solution

If mould and mildew growth is what is bothering you, then interior waterproofing is the ideal solution for you. This happens because the house is damp and leaky. Interior Waterproofing works by adding multiple layers of waterproofing protection to the walls. To secure the waterproofing further, it is combined with an effective interior drainage system that works to divert the water away from the property.

Installation of Weeping Tiles

Sometimes pools of water can begin to collect behind the foundation walls, in the basement or even outside the perimeter of the home. This can give rise to harmful damp and mould related problems and even cause structural damage to the home. The weeping tiles work to reduce the amount of water which present in the soil that is around the foundation of the home. The weeping tile is connected to a sump pump or sewer system. This helps to drain out the water.

Foundation Repair

Severe water damage can cause damage to the foundation of the home which should be dealt with as soon as possible. Foundation repair services help to restore the walls and floor of the foundation. They make them more sturdy and from any cracks or defects. The experts at Direct Waterproofing specialize in geotechnical issues. They can systematically deal with various issues pertaining to foundation construction, retaining walls, slops and other structural elements. The experts will solve all types and sizes of foundation problems.

Installation of a Backwater valve

This installation can protect your home from the damage being caused by sewage backflow. Some of the reasons that cause sewage backflow are flooding and lack of water pressure. The experts will help you with every step along the way. They will pull all the permits required for the installation of the valve and existing drain removal to the backwater valve installation.

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