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What Type of Roof Is Best in a Hurricane?

Florida homeowners know that hurricanes can cause severe winds. However, many Floridians are prepared for the worst. You can keep water, candles, and batteries in your emergency boxes. They place the lawn furniture in the garage, and cover or tape the windows.

High Wind Roofing Materials

The most common scene in hurricane video footage is the roof being lifted, shingle by nail, and then carried away by strong winds. You can avoid this misfortune by using wind-resistant roofing materials. You can make better decisions about the roof material that is best for Florida and other states affected by hurricanes.

Metal Roofing

Although metal roofs may not be the most appealing option for some homeowners, they are the best and most secure. High winds are a major concern for those who live in hurricane-prone areas like Florida. Metal roofs are the most wind-resistant and can withstand hurricane force winds of up to 160 mph.

Concrete and Clay Tiles

Concrete or clay tiles are visually appealing for most homeowners. They are also reasonably strong at withstanding wind. They can withstand winds up to 130 mph which is quite a severe storm. Concrete or clay tiles may not be the most suitable or safest option due to Florida’s high winds. These tiles are also among the most expensive roofing materials available.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are more affordable than other roofing materials, making them a popular choice. Asphalt shingles are not meant to withstand winds greater than 110 mph. Older, recycled, or reclaimed asphalt shingles have a wind resistance limit of 50 mph. They are not the best roof type for hurricanes, especially in Florida.

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