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Bathroom Bliss: 5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Wonderfully Organise

Ahh, the bathroom, it’s the last place we want to clean and this often leaves it looking like an afterthought. Toothbrushes strewn across the counter, towels on the floor and a growing pile of toilet paper rolls are the typical suspects in a bathroom that hasn’t had a clean in a little while, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the likes of bathroom hooks, drawer dividers, individual caddies and the occasional declutter, you can keep your bathroom neat and organised without the need to go through it with a hazmat suit every six months!

Here are five easy ways you can keep your bathroom neat and organised throughout the year.

  • First, declutter

The bathroom is one of the ultimate rooms in the house that can fall victim to a serious clutter problem, especially when you consider all the small products that can find their way onto countertops and other surfaces.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, hair products, deodorants, cotton swabs – the list goes on! The best thing to do is start by decluttering all the mess that is building up on your countertops and other surfaces.

Why? Because decluttering your countertops won’t only make the bathroom look much neater, but it will stop any grot and old water forming around these products (think the likes of old toothpaste pooling up under a toothbrush holder, yuck!).

  • Use your drawers & cabinets

They are there for a reason – to help keep your bathroom neat and organised! Sure, it may be easier to just keep a bunch of things on your countertop, but, as previously mentioned, this allows for all kinds of grot to form and really does just look very messy.

So, instead of ignoring those seriously wonderful drawers and cabinets, place your goods in them so that you can easily grab them when you need them and you won’t have to worry about them catching any gunk and becoming unusable.

  • Use bathroom hooks

Bathroom hooks are so much more efficient for hanging towels than the outdated towel rack. What’s more, they take up far less space on the wall which makes the room look far more spacious and less clutter-centric. You can easily find towel hooks that have numerous hooks for different members of the family, becoming a smart suggestion for anyone who wants their bathroom to look clean, spacious, and decluttered.

  • Use a laundry bin

The most annoying thing about a messy bathroom is finding wet towels and soggy clothes all over the floor. Not only can it be really frustrating to step on these rank items, but the messiness of it all just creates a rather unpleasant situation. So, why not simply throw a laundry bin in the bathroom so that you can easily collect all these otherwise unpleasant and unsightly items.

All you have to do is empty it whenever you’re doing the laundry and you have yourself a much-needed item for keeping the bathroom clean and neat!

  • Use clear containers

You know it, we know it: bathroom goods can build up over time. Maybe you tried some new face mask that you didn’t like and so bought an even newer one? Maybe you’ve still got that old pair of clippers despite having bought a newer, less-rusty pair?

Whatever the reason, when products start to build up it can be annoying trying to find them. Solution: using clear containers. This way, you will easily be able to see where everything is and will be able to pick it out and use it whenever you need it!

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