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5 Reasons to Downsize as You Age

If you’re someone entering retirement years, it may be a good time to consider your lifestyle for the future. Maybe you plan on traveling now that you have more time, or you no longer need that spare bedroom in your home. Whatever the case may be, downsizing can be an excellent way to start your retirement off on the right foot. Here are five reasons why you should downsize as you age.

  1. Easier Maintenance

Decluttering, moving to a smaller place, or both can help make general household maintenance much more manageable. Going through all your things and getting rid of anything you don’t need can open more space, making it easier to clean and stay organized. Many people tend to hold on to items for years and years without reason, so this is a good chance for you to remove extra things you don’t need anymore.

The same goes for moving to a smaller home or apartment. If you live in a smaller space, there won’t be as much to clean. There will be fewer rooms to vacuum, windows to clean, surfaces to wipe down, and more. Additionally, a smaller apartment or house typically comes with more minor repairs. There’s less of a chance of something breaking. If something does break, it will most likely be cheaper than what the cost would have been for a larger home or apartment.

  1. Safety

One of the biggest concerns for most people as they age is safety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in four people fall every year and that the consequences can be deadly. If this is a concern for you, decluttering or moving to a more senior-friendly living space can help keep you safe.

By getting rid of any extra items around the house, you can clear up more space for you to walk around without hazard. This is especially important for those who may need a walker or cane at any point. Moving to a first-floor apartment or a smaller home with no stairs can also be beneficial. Stairs can be dangerous for you as you age, so eliminating this hazard may be the way to go.

  1. Travel

If you’re someone who plans to travel a lot as you age, it may be beneficial for you to downsize to a smaller apartment or home. It might not be necessary for you to pay for a larger apartment or house if you’re not there most of the time or at least certain parts of the year.

You may need someone to housesit while you’re away if you live in a big space. However, downgrading the size of your apartment or home might not be necessary.

  1. Cheaper

Downgrading to a smaller living situation can put some extra change in your pocket. For example, you might have a lower mortgage or utility bills. There might also be fewer maintenance issues to keep up with a smaller space. Living in larger apartments or homes can also come with more maintenance issues that need repairs. If you downsize, these problems may be less frequent, which means less money out of your pocket for repairs.

  1. Caregiver/Family Member

It’s common for people to need extra help as they age. If you or a loved one needs extra care, it may help to declutter your space or move to a better-suited apartment or home. Creating a space for the person taking care of you or a loved one is important. You want the caregiver to feel comfortable in the space and have a good environment to provide quality care.

Final Thoughts

Many benefits come with downsizing as an older adult. From saving money to creating a safer environment, downsizing is a great way to prepare for your Golden years!

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