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Mattresses are an expensive affair, there is no doubt about that. They are also an investment. When you buy a good mattress you invest in your health and well-being. The kind of mattress that you sleep on impacts the sleep that you are going to have. When you are looking for a mattress, you can choose from uncountable different mattresses. The mattress should be such that it makes you feel like you are in clouds the moment you lay in it. Serta Perfect sleeper’s Penelope mattress is one such mattress. It is the perfect Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress Toronto. It has been creating quite a buzz in the field of mattresses for a while. Here is why this mattress is a popular choice.

What is Penelope Mattress?

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper’s Penelope mattress is a revolutionary hybrid mattress that is firm and soft. It has Serta’s exclusive Custom Support with 1000 individually wrapped pocket coils with the Best Edge encasement. It has Lumbar Support Core, CoolTwist Gel Infused Memory Foam, CoolAction Gel Memory Foam and Comfort Luxe Gel Fibre. The mattress has been designed to give you the best qualities of memory foam and coil mattresses. The memory foam in the mattress gives you the needed support and the breathable coil only adds to the matress’ foundation.

The technology used in the mattress explained

Serta PillowSoft Foam: It is a layer of soft foam that is also highly supportive. This foam provides a gentle cradle to your body which is needed for relieving the pressure from your body when you are sleeping.

Cool Twist Gel Foam: This memory foam is liquid and gel-enhanced. It helps to increase the airflow which is crucial in moving the heat away from the body. It also provides extra cushioning to the body and helps to reduce the pressure points even further.

Cool Action Gel Memory Foam: It is a premium gel that is used in the Penelope mattress. This memory foam has millions of MicroSupport Gel beads. These gel beads surround your body when you are on the bed and provide much needed extra support. As the word, cool action suggests, it helps to reduce the build-up of heat on the surface. You won’t have to deal with your mattress being heated while you are sleeping.

Individually wrapped Pocket Coil System: The Penelope mattress has 1000 individually wrapped pocket coil system which acts on the contour of your body. This helps to provide the extra support system which pocket coil is known to provide. It helps to promote body alignment. While you are sleeping, pressure is off your back. The pocket coils also help to reduce the transfer of motion from one person to another.

Best Edge Foam Encasement: This is an advanced encasement system designed with a deep foam rail design. This rail design provides unmatchable edge support that will prevent you from rolling off the bed. It also helps to extend the sleep surface. The lumbar support core is another feature of this foam.

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