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Style & Function: The Amazing Benefits Of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have long been a staple of a stylish home. They have a way of providing the home with an elegant, vintage aesthetic whilst optimising the home’s comfort.

It’s not easy to find a glass door/blind combination that is the perfect combination of form and function, but vertical blinds make it simple. They look great whilst allowing for optimal light control without any effort.

If you’ve been considering vertical blinds in Newcastle, you will be stoked to know that they come with a huge range of awesome benefits, including…

  • They look beautiful

Nothing looks better on large windows and window doors than elegant vertical blinds. They not only provide a natural complement to the door or window’s shape, but they also make the room look larger, something that carries serious luxury appeal even in smaller spaces.

  • Easy light control

Whilst venetian blinds are not suitable for large windows and glass doors as they can be a bit difficult to operate, vertical blinds are a great option. They have a simple louvered design that makes it easy to open and close the blinds to allow the sun through the window.

If you have a home that allows plenty of natural light in through the windows then vertical blinds are the ultimate option. They can be easily cast aside when you want that golden sun in the home or closed when you want to have some inside shade.

  • They can help with temperature control

We know it, you know it: Australia is a land of climatic extremes! Our summers can be absolutely ghastly, with temperatures soaring well into the 40s, and our winters can be just as frightful on the other end.

However, with comprehensive, all-covering vertical blinds, you can go a long way to controlling the temperature without the need for constant air conditioning. Vertical blinds can help reflect some of the sunshine on super hot, nasty days as well as keep in some of the warmth on chilly days.

Their ability to provide added insulation to the home is invaluable when it comes to providing a natural, regulated temperature in the home and even on those nasty summer days and frightful winter days!

  • They can help reduce energy bills

Given that full coverage vertical blinds can help regulate the home’s temperature, you won’t have to constantly condition your home’s air! This is awesome because, as we know, electricity bills can really coincide with the extremities and put a dint in our paychecks.

  • They can help reduce your carbon footprint

This works in the same manner as the above benefit: given that vertical blinds can help regulate your home’s temperature, thus reducing your need to use air conditioning, they will also be helping you reduce your carbon footprint!

If you’ve been worried about the impact things like air conditioning and heating have on your environmental output then vertical blinds can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • They are simply great for Aussie homes!

Australian homes require the ultimate harmony between form and function. Our weather extremities can make the home terribly uncomfortable in the wilder months of the year, though we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to have a cosy home.

This is why vertical blinds are perfect for Aussie homes: they provide the ultimate combination of elegance and temperature control for larger windows and glass doors – why pass up on them if that’s what you have in your home?!

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