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Top Reasons to Use Programmable Thermostats

Nowadays, programmable thermostats have become a good-to-go option as compared to manual thermostats. Changing from a manual to a programmable vive thermostat isn’t a daunting task at all and helps homeowners save a decent amount of money every year. This post puts light on the top reasons to choose programmable thermostats.

Ample savings

Savings on energy bills are one of the primary reasons homeowners across the nation choose programmable thermostats. One can also adjust the temperature to the exact point of their comfort, be it summer or winter. In addition, it allows one to set a schedule for maintaining the home’s temperature as per the family members’ routine. This avoids unnecessary energy consumption, thus, reflecting savings on energy bills.

Consistency in temperature

These thermostats are capable of maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house. Regardless of the situations like a rising heatwave in summers or cold during winters, it maintains a steady temperature at every corner of the house without leaving any cold or warm spot. As a result, it gives comfort to home members, in any area of the house, all around the year.

Assists in HVAC system’s optimization

HVAC upgrade is something that hits the banks of homeowners quite hard. Choosing to pair a vive thermostat with a home’s HVAC system can help optimize the efficiency and increase the system’s life span. In case the HVAC system of a house is old enough not to perform upto the level it’s expected to, pairing it with programmable thermostats reduces its workload and may help homeowners buy some extra time before upgrading.

Saves time

One of the common reasons homeowners are getting inclined towards programmable thermostats is their time-saving potential in terms of temperature adjustment. With manual ones, one has to learn the steps and keep adjusting the temperature during different times in a day. For example, when one is leaving the house, he/she needs to visit the wall unit for adjustment, and the same applies while going off to sleep or waking up in the morning.

This practice is something nobody will love doing, and when someone chooses to install a programmable thermostat, they can simply set a schedule and get rid of the hassles of adjusting the temperature regularly.

Advanced technology

Technology keeps evolving regularly, and the same goes for thermostats. Modern variants of such tablet-like thermostats come with features like wi-fi, which allows homeowners to control the temperature of their house from almost anywhere. This also helps save on the energy bills, as there will be no wastage of power in cooling or heating the home in the absence of the homeowner.

In addition, with a modern viva thermostat, one can also enjoy the lock feature. It helps homeowners to protect their temperature settings without getting tampered. As a result, they can enjoy a comfortable time at home without unexpected sudden changes to the temperature.


Hope this post helps in getting an understanding of the advantages that come with programmable thermostats. It’s a truly worth investment and it helps homeowners to save a considerable amount on energy bills.

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