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Great reasons why asphalt is the ideal solution to relaying your driveway

All is well in your life. You and your partner are settled down with both of you in good employment. Things have progressed and you decide that it’s time to move to a new bigger home. You find one that looks like just the job for all you need. Spacious, in a good location and nice neighbours.

Your abode will need a bit of TLC attending to it. The essential job that you first noticed was that the driveway was in a real mess. You chat to your friends who suggest that you think about getting one of the asphalt driveway contractors in Brisbane in to offer their opinion.

About asphalt

Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a sticky black liquid until it dries. It can be found as a natural resource or as a refined product. Its main commercial uses are in waterproofing, including the production of roofing felt.

However, 70% of usage is found in road construction where asphalt is used as a glue or binder when mixed with an aggregate to create asphalt concrete.

Why go for an asphalt driveway?

Choosing an asphalt driveway saves time compared to opting for concrete. Asphalt can be laid and ready to use within one or two days, whereas concrete takes twice as long, plus additional drying time, which can be up to a week.

Asphalt has low maintenance costs, as any cracks that appear can soon be repaired both easily and inexpensively. You can even carry out crack repairs on your own without any previous experience as asphalt sealant products are available at home improvement centres.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your asphalt driveway by up to over 20 years. Whereas concrete is more difficult and costly to maintain as its consistency doesn’t allow it to be reheated and repaired as easily as asphalt.

You may have an expanse of garden or plants in your new home that you would rather use to offer additional parking for when friends call. It is easy to convert the area to asphalt. If traditional asphalt isn’t your thing, then a stamped asphalt driveway might entice you, with the look of a paved drive without the high costs.

In conclusion

Asphalt is safe, smooth, and durable. It can be built, constructed to last indefinitely to make it a cost-effective solution to your driveway needs. Get in touch with the experts today and choose asphalt.

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